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Carol Eggert

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Focus on Military and Veteran Entrepreneurs

February 26, 2016

We recently sat down with Brigadier General (R) Carol Eggert, Vice President of Military and Veteran Affairs for Comcast, to talk about entrepreneurship.

We recently sat down with Brigadier General (R) Carol Eggert, Vice President of Military and Veteran Affairs for Comcast, to talk about entrepreneurship.

Comcast Business Community:

Why do we see so many transitioning from the military starting and owning their own businesses?

Carol Eggert

Entrepreneurship can be a great path for those transitioning from the military. It provides a rewarding opportunity to apply the skills they learned while serving our country to starting a business. There is no doubt that our veterans can manage risk and handle change and withstand intense pressure to achieve results. There are other parallels; they know how to do more with less, think strategically and apply disciplined thinking. Our military members must be innovative, critical thinkers who can prioritize and analyze cost benefit. In the military, this is called the Decision Making Model, an ingrained process that guides teams through analysis of various courses of action, resulting in selection of the one that provides the most benefit with the least risk. This disciplined thinking can guide veterans thorough business selection and implementation. While the skills mentioned are critical they won’t carry the veteran through to success; veterans tend to lack the financial skills needed to own and run a business, they must overcome misperceptions about their service and skills and adapt to a slower pace of goal, or what they would call mission success. To address this, there are solid programs that help veterans get started, including assistance from the Small Business Administration (SBA).

According to the most recent data from the SBA, military service exhibits one of the largest influences on self-employment, and veterans are 45% more likely to be self-employed than non-veterans. 

Comcast Business Community:

What skills do military/veterans possess that make them successful business owners?

Carol Eggert:

The intense and early leadership training they receive translates perfectly to being an entrepreneur. They embrace that ability to structure and lead teams and they have the focus to see their ideas through to fruition.

They also possess an incredible work ethic and have the ability to get things done! They have learned how to plan for failure and overcome obstacles: key success factors needed in the business world.

Comcast Business Community:

Carol, tell us about your charter here at Comcast.

Carol Eggert:

The military and veteran communities are very important to Comcast. I’m proof of that! I’ve been hired to work across Comcast NBCUniversal, spearheading initiatives and programs designed to reach out and engage this group…from building strategic partnerships, engaging the community and our customers in the initiative and developing strategic philanthropic programs. We are committed to creating an environment where the military community can thrive and continue to add value to society and our Company.

Comcast Business Community:

What can our readers expect to see from you here on the Community?

Carol Eggert:

I’ll be focused on sharing ideas, insights and successes here on the Comcast Business Community. Our Military/Vets blog will be a regular feature here designed to:

  1. Provide great articles and tips that will help the military and veterans communities start and grow their own businesses.
  2. Help private sector businesses understand the value and importance of working with the military and veteran communities.

We’ll be tackling topics like, “Leveraging the SBA to Help Start Your Business,” “Making Your Skills Transferrable from the Military to Your Business,” and “Tips for Being a Successful Veteran Entrepreneurs.” We will also be sharing success stories of people who have made the leap and are running their own business.

So, add us to your “Favorites” list and don’t miss any of our stories geared to military and veteran entrepreneurs!

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