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Enterprise    Retail    SDN   

Digital transformation (DX) in retail is not optional.

January 11, 2018
Enterprise    Retail   

Ecommerce companies are turning to new technologies to help shoppers virtually try on clothing and improve the chances they’ll get a good fit.

December 14, 2017
Enterprise    Internet    Retail   

Perhaps most importantly for retailers, especially during the holidays, their network must be scalable.

December 13, 2017
Retail    SDN   

SDN is proving its value in a number of vertical markets, and the retail space is no exception.

September 01, 2017
Internet    Retail   

The internet of things and augmented reality could change the face of retail.

August 30, 2017
Enterprise    Retail    WiFi   

WiFi analytics promises to play a significant role in the digital transformation strategies of retailers.

May 31, 2017
Retail    WiFi   

The retail industry is undergoing a transformation, due in large part to the influence of technology.

May 17, 2017
Cloud    Enterprise    Retail   

To meet evolving customer expectations, retailers are striving to create new and personalized shopping experiences.

January 13, 2017
Enterprise    Internet    Retail   

The rise of online and mobile shopping has transformed retail, but a strong distributed enterprise networking strategy can help brands overcome.

January 13, 2017