Creating Access—and Profitability—for All

WiFi has proven a powerful engine in driving the customer experience. Business Insider notes that as many as 62 percent of businesses report that customers spend more time in their facility when free WiFi is offered. And the longer they stay, the more they’ll spend. In fact, no matter where consumers are, WiFi access has become less a benefit and more of an expectation. In retail, hospitality, healthcare, and other verticals, it also grown from a perk offered to customers to a valuable revenue engine. In retail, for example, high-speed WiFi access enables an improved shopping experience, on-site social sharing, increased sales, the ability to garner customer insights, and increased brand loyalty. In hotels, tier-priced WiFi systems offer the opportunity for immediate profitability.

In this webinar from Comcast Business, our expert panelists discuss the benefits of offering free WiFi; about the revenue and related opportunities it creates; and an economic model that can work for any business.

We explore:

  • The data collection WiFi enables

  • It’s potential to generate revenue

  • How it impacts the customer experience

  • Underlying WiFi network technology and the related technologies it enables

  • The benefits of managed WiFi

  • Use case studies across a range of verticals

  • The role WiFi6 will play going forward


  • Ryan Donnelly, COO, Deep Blue Communications.

  • Matt FitzGerald, Senior Director of Technologies, Deep Blue Communications.

Webinar exploring the benefits of offering free WiFi and business opportunities it creates.

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