Bob Maiden, CPA

Stony Hill Advisors LLC

Bob Maiden has an extensive background in accounting, finance and entrepreneurship. Bob spent his early career in public accounting with KPMG and as CFO for a startup software firm. He co-founded Maxwell Training Centers, Inc., a four time winner of the Philadelphia Business Journal/Wharton School “Philadelphia Top 100 Award” for fastest growing privately held businesses. Bob converted Maxwell from a brick and mortar computer training company to a software-as-a-service business to take advantage of new technology and market opportunities and renamed the business MedConference, LLC. MedConference developed a proprietary web conferencing application becoming the industry leader producing webcasts, webinars and online meetings for the pharmaceutical industry. Bob led the effort to sell the company to inVentiv Health in 2007, and Bob continued to serve as a business unit president until 2014.

Bob is currently a partner with Stony Hill Advisors LLC partnering with lower-mid market private business owners to guide them through the process of preparing and executing the sale of their business. Bob volunteers for many organizations including the Drexel University Baiada Institute for Entrepreneurship, Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) and Mercy Vocational High School. Bob has a BS in Accounting from Drexel University.

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