Christian Nascimento
Vice President, Product & Premise Services

Comcast Business

Christian Nascimento is Vice President of Product and Premise Services at Comcast Business, overseeing the development, deployment and management of next generation products that combine customer premise equipment with cloud applications and services. In this role, he leads a team responsible for a diverse set of products, including Commercial video products for Public and Private View and Hospitality, Comcast Business SmartOffice and WiFi Pro.

Christian is currently leading the deployment Comcast’s X1 for Business Platform to business and hotels, transforming the way that businesses of all sizes use the television.

Christian previously led the development and launch of Comcast Business SmartOffice TM, the company’s cloud-based video monitoring product for businesses, which was Comcast Business’ first new product category in a decade. He has also spearheaded the use of SmartOffice in “Smart City” initiatives like Detroit’s Project Green Light.

Christian earned a BS from Widener University and an MBA from Villanova University, and currently serves on the Dean’s Advisory Council of Widener’s Business School.

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