Gregory Kohs

Director, Planning & Analysis Comcast Business

Greg is responsible for the design and execution of marketing research programs, including tracking of key performance indicators, new product concept testing, and pricing optimization. He also heads the Comcast Business Advisors panel, comprising nearly 3,000 business customers who have agreed to provide ongoing feedback through research surveys and other discussions.

Greg worked his way up in the research field, starting at a boutique data analysis firm with only four employees, then advancing to a VP role with a Honomichl top 25 research provider, and ultimately joining research on the client side with Comcast in 2007. His diverse spread of research clients has included Accenture, America Online, AT&T, Caesars Entertainment, DuPont, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Kodak, MCI, SunTrust, and others.

Although it’s difficult to estimate, Greg has probably engaged with nearly 500,000 different respondents completing the surveys he has authored throughout his career. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Emory University and completed a Master’s degree and “all but dissertation” toward a PhD in History at Temple University.

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