Jean South
President and CEO

Hire Served

Jean South is a Marine spouse, daughter of two Army veterans, and former FBI Special Agent. During her career she has had the honor of working alongside our nation’s warriors. As the President and CEO of Hire Served, Jean gives companies a competitive advantage to compete for veteran talent by helping bridge the culture gap between military candidates and company recruiters. She also serves as the Veteran Outreach Director for Bunker Labs Philadelphia connecting with veterans and Veteran Service Organizations in the Philadelphia metro region to provide entrepreneurship opportunities to veterans and their spouses.

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Recruiting the right talent for your business is important. Here are some helpful tips for getting the process right.

June 30, 2017
Entrepreneur    Veteran   

Benefits of finding a group of like-minded business owners to meet with regularly and tapping into this power.

April 20, 2017
Entrepreneur    Veteran   

Entrepreneurship offers military spouses a few benefits that Jean South would argue are well worth the risk.

November 01, 2016