Jeff Lewis
Vice President of Product Management

Comcast Business

Jeff Lewis is Vice President of Product Management for Comcast Business, overseeing the company’s evolution of next generation networking, cloud, data center, Wi-Fi and internet solutions for business. His team is responsible for delivering smart connectivity solutions to effectively connect multiple locations, systems, employees, partners and customers across a distributed enterprise.
A 25-year industry veteran, Jeff has played a key role developing some of the first hosted voice over IP (VoIP), session internet protocol (SIP) trunking, layer 3 virtual private network (VPN) and Metro Ethernet business solutions.
Jeff has held positions with increasingly responsibility for the past nine years at Comcast Business. Prior to joining the company, he spent more than 12 years at AT&T and BellSouth. Jeff also launched new business initiatives and multinational programs for BellSouth International, where he travelled on assignment to Sao Paulo, Brazil, Ecuador and Venezuela.

Jeff earned an MBA from Babson College, as well as both an MS and BS in Engineering from Boston University. 

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