Jennifer Scheer

Shout Studio

As Principal of Shout Studio, Jennifer supports clients with end-to-end marketing services, from strategic counsel to program execution, including social media, digital, content, and other marketing strategies and programs. In her 20+ year career, she’s held senior marketing management positions in organizations ranging from small startups to Fortune 1000 enterprises. You can find Jennifer on Twitter @j_a_scheer and on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jascheer.

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Identify the optimal amount of output perfection and completion time for your marketing (or any) projects.

March 13, 2018
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Try building a culture of testing and trying new ideas in your marketing organization in order to find successful ways to reach your target audience.

March 09, 2018
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To maintain a competitive edge - don’t focus on what they’re doing, build your plans based on your goals.

March 05, 2018

You can't fix ALL the meetings you need to sit through, but you can make sure that YOUR meetings are productive and time well spent for attendees.

February 01, 2018

Instead of indulging in the corporate equivalent of fight or flight, force your intellect to take over.

January 18, 2018
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The internet and cloud computing have transformed every business function, and marketing is no exception.

October 27, 2016

You can build an effective marketing program without hiring a full-time marketing team.

August 04, 2016

Marketing is crucial for growing your business.

August 04, 2016

Building a new website is fun, but at times it can be stressful. Hopefully these nine tips will help you reduce the stress on your next website build.

May 21, 2015