Todd Goodbinder

Todd Goodbinder
Senior Vice President, Sales and Customer Loyalty

Comcast Business
Philadelphia, PA

Todd Goodbinder is Vice President, Sales & Retention, Comcast Business Services. Mr. Goodbinder has national responsibility for sales and retention for Business Services. He is responsible for setting the national strategy for Inbound Sales and Retention to acquire and protect existing customers.

Prior to joining Comcast, Mr. Goodbinder held various positions in the telecommunications industry in sales, marketing, and general management.

He was a Business Services General Manager for Sales and Service in Las Vegas, Nevada. In that role, Mr. Goodbinder created a new sales organization to focus on SMB market. The organizations success was used as model for other organization across the company.

His past experience includes developing a regional dedicated Internet service from the ground up. He oversaw the network build out, engineered its order, installation and repair processes and developed its marketing plans.

Mr. Goodbinder holds a BS in Business Administration and Accounting and a Minor in Economics from the University of Kansas.

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